Hi there – it seems you have stumbled across my corner of the internet. If you enjoy reading about other 20-somethings trying to figure out how the hell life works, then you have come to right place. 

I’m Chiara, and I’m an Australian writer, gemini, hummus addict, an astrology and Human Design nerd, who enjoys sharing her intimate thoughts with strangers (there’s something deeply cathartic about talking into the void). 

I’ve been journaling since the day I could write and blogging feels like a natural extension of that. Maybe everyone prefers to hang out on Instagram these days, but there’s something about old-school blogging that feels more real to me. Plus, I’m not very good at taking pictures. So my words have always taken precedence. 

This blog was started when I left home in Australia for a year-long study abroad in the Netherlands. It was cut short 2 months due to Covid, but it was an amazing experience of self-discovery nonetheless. I wanted to keep sharing my thoughts and reflections on here, so now this is a mishmash type of online journal, where you can peek into the intimate details of my life (if you’re here, I know you’re nosy as fuck like me). 

I also like to write about writing (because what writer doesn’t), dating, Human Design and cultural observations and fascinations as of late. 

Feel free to get into contact by emailing me at chiara.christian13@gmail.com.