Becoming Wise About Emotions

In Human Design, some people will have their solar plexus defined – the centre of emotions – whilst others will have it undefined. It obviously doesn’t mean that the undefined people don’t have emotions. Rather, it means that the emotional people are transmitting the emotions as an output, whilst ‘non’ emotional people are receiving other’s emotions as input. They are truly the natural empaths, the people who are here to feel what other’s are feeling, to become wise about emotional intelligence. Whereas, those with it defined are setting the emotional frequency of the planet, and of whatever space they walk into.

I have my emotional center defined. When first learning this, I thought it was strange because I felt like an empath and someone who could read other people’s emotions. But the truth is I will never know what it’s like to feel what another person is feeling. I can however, relate to them through my own personal experiences of feeling. We emotionally defined people can put ourselves in other’s shoes, but we will never be the emotional empath.

That doesn’t mean you’re not intuitive though – wherever you have whiteness in your chart, you are sensitive to other people’s energy. You can read them in other ways, just not from an emotional perspective.

As an emotionally defined person, I am constantly riding the waves of being up and down. Before finding the language of Human Design, I couldn’t figure out why I seemed to have periods of depression throughout my life (not diagnosed, just extreme lows). They would always come in cycles – I could almost predict when they were coming.

For example, there are certain times of the year where I feel deep melancholy and feel ‘lower’ on the emotional spectrum. The transitory seasons, autumn and spring, are the most potent emotional times for me. Energetically speaking it makes sense – in autumn, we are shedding layers that no longer resonate in preparation for the winter. In spring, we are also doing a subconscious ‘spring clean’ where we are re-emerging after a period of solitude (the dead of winter) and rebirthing ourselves anew.

Knowing I am an emotionally defined person has helped to provide context around my highs and lows. They are happening irrespectively of what is going on externally in my life – emotions are not logical, they do not make sense. One day I could wake up and feel this deep sadness and nostalgia for no reason. Other days I could wake up ecstatic for no reason besides I am alive at all.

As an emotional person, you are constantly going through this inner process, absorbed in your own emotional world. Through every emotion you feel, you are discovering different parts of yourself. There is a depth to emotionally defined people, who have felt the dark abyss of their psyche and have also felt the contrary of their spirit soaring on the highest of highs. As you move along this wave, you are gathering information and detail. You experience all sides or emotions of a situation before you come to a place of stillness and clarity.

The moment of stillness is when you are most prepared to make the right decision for you. And the only way to get to this moment is through patience and time. No one wants to hear this – I don’t blame you, I’ve always been extremely impatient, desiring things immediately. Society and culture is largely to blame for our obsession with instant gratification, the internet being the most pertinent manifestation of this.

Learning about my emotional wave means that I no longer judge or resist my emotions (most of the time, I’m human though). When I feel an emotional low coming on, I surrender and lean into it fully. It’s the only way to get the most information out of it. When in the low point of my wave, I feel like I am in the trough of a valley – as I’m looking up at the mountains (my external reality) around me, I gain perspective on my life from a different angle. Your emotional wave is like a prism, a kaleidoscope tainting the world in different colours. It’s beautiful once you release the connotations of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ emotions. They are simply different positions, aspects and colours of your life experience.

The emotional lows are also the most potent time for creativity. These emotions are meant to be felt, but they are also meant to be transmuted into art and self-expression. It’s why writing for me has always felt even better when I’m in my emotional low. Do you have to be depressed and feeling down to make good art? Fuck no! But the rawness of an emotion, the way it connects you deeper with yourself, can truly give rise to creating art that is authentic and real. I honestly think it’s the only way through the emotional wave – if you aren’t going to resist an emotion, you might as well embrace it in its totality and create from this space of feeling all the feels.

Emotions along with relationships and intimacy are probably the most difficult and important things we are here to learn about in life. Managing and mastering your emotional state is not about feeling happy all the time, because without the contrast of the lows you would have no reference for it. From my own perspective, it’s about learning to experience all emotions without judgment. They’re simply reminders that we’re human.

image: Steven Wei

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